Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

New ITALIA Fountain Pen - Titanium - Limited Edition Of 200

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The ITALIA fountain pen is a modern writing instrument inspired by the golden age of Italian pens. It has a minimalistic design with peaked finials and a classic Greek key machined on the cap and section.

This limited edition of 200 pens is made from grade 5 titanium, comes equipped with a German-made nib in polished stainless steel with an iridium point, and a Schmidt ink converter for bottled ink. The pen also accepts standard international ink cartridges.


Overall length: 139.5 mm / 5.49"
Uncapped length (with nib): 125.5 mm / 4.94"
Maximum width: 15 mm / 0.59"
Width at grip: 12.5 mm / 0.49"
Overall weight: 44.8 g / 1.58 oz
Uncapped weight: 29.2 g / 1.03 oz