ZEN Metal Spinning Top


Precision spinning top machined out of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel with unique concentric circles pattern for relaxing and meditation. This is an adult toy that requires practice and coordination. The tip of the top is extremely small because it was designed to reduce friction and allow longer spinning times. This makes it more difficult to use but once you practice and learn how to do it spinning times can last for several minutes (our record is 7 minutes spinning on glass).

Spinning tops are timeless toys often used for relaxation. Watching them spin could be a deep inner experience with your own thoughts. We wanted to design a top that would highlight these attributes. Upon studying different geometric patterns we decided to borrow the traditional concentric circles pattern found in Zen gardens and map it through out the entire body of the top. The result is a minimal design that reflects light in very interesting ways while providing a soothing experience.


Diameter: 1.45 in / 37 mm
Height: 1.70 in / 43 mm


Aluminum: 0.85 oz / 24.1 g
Brass: 2.65 oz / 75.1 g
Stainless Steel: 2.45 oz / 69.5 g